by Amanda Griggs

You've learned how to appease the kappa, now learn how to appease your stomach with a quick recipe for kappa-maki (just in case you have a spare cucumber lying around).

What You Need:
6-7 sheets of nori (dried seaweed, available in the Asian section of your local grocer)
2-3 cups of sushi rice, cooked and cooled (sushi rice is short-grain
Japanese rice, steamed and seasoned with rice vinegar)

kappa-maki: The tasty treat.
l cucumber
soy sauce & wasabi paste for dipping

How It Works:
Wash the cucumber and peel it if desired.

Scoop out the seeds and discard them.

Slice it lengthwise into thin sticks and sprinkle each with a dash of salt.
Lay the nori sheets on a flat surface and spread a thin layer of sushi rice over about 2/3 of each sheet (leaving the l/3 furthest from you rice-less).
Lay a long slice of cucumber in the middle of the rice. Start at the edge nearest to you and carefully roll the seaweed into a long tube.
Repeat with the other pieces of nori and cucumber. Slice each tube into bite-size pieces and serve with soy sauce and/or wasabi for dipping.

If you live near a body of water and have children and/or an anus, I would suggest taking the precautionary measure of setting of sushi aside for your newest friend. You know, just in case.

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