Keeping the Group Alive

by Wendy Hockstein

The Shrawt’s college reading group sat around the usual table in class room Infinity they usually met in, staring at each other from across the table, each doing something different with their hands or biting their lips in order to not look at the seat next to Mathew Morren where Lindky Maynson had sat each meeting.

It was the first meeting in a long time and it was a good l. They sat and enjoyed each other’s company, Lindsy and Jack brought snacks, they all traded stories about the Jackin witch.

That was all they ever did at meetings, talk about the witch who sat on the hill near the school,
and was terrible, and was old, and was always there. You had to talk about her, had to tell the stories, and keep her alive. Or she’d get angry and start to take people.

Or they’d end up like Linkdky Maynson.

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