Front Porch Reviews (Tank l): The Double Deuce EP by Jason Irritation and Nagah Sake

Eugene, Oregon. Afternoon. Front porch.  Exterior. Interior of porch. A deer is meandering across the street, unafraid of the squirrel standing in a tree close-by, poised to attack. Both animals’ ears twitch as “Teenage Boogie” by Eugene rockabilly soldiers, The Double Deuce, blares from meager and
unimpressive laptop speakers.  Taco salad consumed, let’s talk about The Double Deuce.

The recently self-released, self-titled, four song CD/EP is a new take on rockabilly standards. It starts as any album should, with a song. A catchy song!  The aforementioned “Teenage Boogie” showcases lead singer and acoustic guitarist; the man with two first names Josh James’ smooth lead vocals, Creeper Collin’s  percussive stand-up bass, guitarist Wolfman Koolaid’s seemingly effortless honky-tonk/rock n roll leads, and drummer Aaron Carlson keeping everybody from derailing.

The next song, the poetically titled “Thunderstorms and Neon signs” slows things down about 4 beats per minute.  Yeah, the momentum never wanes throughout the EP. Picture yourself driving and crying down an under travelled two lane highway in some bygone plasticene era and you’ve got this song. All you’ve got is this song, and then you’re happy.

The next song, “Untamed Youth” picks it back up with foot stompin’ guitar fucking style. Stops and stomps. Hmmm. Segue. “Ubangi Stomp” sounds like Madness if they were a Rockabilly four-piece from the Pacific Northwest.  Interesting guitar solos, Koolaid.

Four fun, cool songs fit for meticulous preparation in anticipation of kicks and Libation inhalation on a Saturday night. You know, looking in the mirror fixing your hair with your school photo day comb and making sure your bandana is hanging from your pocket just right.

Listening to The Double Deuce from laptop speakers was fitting. It was like an old mono record making us feel like a two-headed RCA dog. Plugging headphones in confirmed our humanity and gave the songs a whole other feel.  I like listening to it through the laptop, just sayin’.

A breeze, on a day that deserves it, blows the lined pages of a notebook, directing our attention to the left. Oh, how fitting, we’ll bookend this with the tales of neighborhood beasts. The Dear has vamoosed, all that remains is the Squirrel, whom we have named Squizlaq©.

To order a CD for $3.OO PPD
Or to contact The Double Deuce

Also, check them out on Facebag at Facebook.com/doubledeucerockabilly

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