Save AMTRAK from Romney/Ryan! Vote November 6th!

Mr. Romney, Why did you break my train, when AMTRAK is only a tiny part of the whole budget?!

"We're going to have to eliminate some programs...I'm not going to send money to AMTRAK. I'm not going to send money to PBS. I'm not going to send money to the national endowment..." ~ Mitt Romney

"Rep. Paul Ryan voted 9 times to eliminate or cut funding specifically for AMTRAK"

Save AMTRAK from Romney/Ryan! 
Vote November 6th!

"President Obama invested $8,000,000,000 in HIGH SPEED RAIL & $1,200,000,000 FOR RAIL TO STATES & AMTRAK IN HIS ECONOMIC RCOVERY PLAN..." ~ American Recovery & Reinvestiment plan 2/17/2009

"...And President Obama would have spent $6,000,000,000 MORE ON AMTRAK + HIGH SPEED RAIL IF NOT FOR REPUBLICAN OPPOSITION" ~ White House Fact Sheet; The American Jobs Act 9/08/2011 

UPDATED Tuesday, November 6th: Today is the day: VOTE VOTE VOTE! 

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