So I thought I would a few minutes out of my day to share some facts that are just things I think everyone should know.
by Samuel Joseph

Alcohol doesn't kill germs, ever, period. Which means that those instant hand sanitizers are actually making a better breeding ground for germs by giving them what all life craves, moisture (water). Next time you see them in a hospital or doctors office, remember that. If the active ingredient is alcohol, you're being ripped off and scammed.

If we piled up all the US currency in bills in existence today there would be approx. 3,000$ per citizen of the US. That's only a one-time payout of 3k, and then it's all gone. This includes the amount (which is actually the bulk of all the currency in circulation) being held in foreign banks. Bill Gates, the richest person in the US is currently worth an estimated 59 Billion dollars. That means Bill has approx. 20 Million other citizens worth of money. That's more people than NYC, LA, and Chicago combined. Looking at the top 30 ranking on Forbes wealthiest Americans list (including ties, which means a few more than 30 people) you'd see that their combined total is roughly equal to 190.4 million other citizens. That is more than half of the entire population of the United States. That's just the first 30, the list is 400. That means two things. First, everyone who isn't on the Forbes list, is just passing around someone else's money. Second, it means that most of the wealth in existence is nothing more than an electrical signal stored in a computer.

Marijuana was a vital part of our country winning the Second World War. However, it was made illegal later after a large immigration of Mexicans to the States thereafter.

Sears once sold heroin, in fact it's a large part of why they were successful. Heroin was also legal because most Americans still felt that it wasn't up to the government to tell people whether or not to medicate, or how to do so. The difference between legal and illegal drugs in this country has been determined more by political donations and corporate interests than by science, health, or medicine. Legal drugs have consistently far outnumbered illegal drugs in fatalities in the U.S. and the numbers are rising.

The single largest drain on an individuals wealth, a nations wealth, and on our environment, is a motor vehicle. This, however, is only because of their reliance on fossil fuels. Vehicles have already (numerous times by different people) been created which are cost-effective and use alternative sources of energy, including water. The water fueled car exists, it's simple. Electrolysis separates hydrogen and oxygen (that's simply running electricity through a tank of water) the hydrogen is then burned as fuel. The waste is oxygen and water vapor.

The laws of thermodynamics you were taught in school are wrong, both energy and matter can be created and destroyed. They are regularly and constantly within the universe even in our solar system, and all around you on this planet. This means that free, clean, reliable energy is not a myth, it is not a scam, and it does exist. The fact that you are paying an electric bill, and other utility bills is not a reflection of the correctness of the assumptions of these laws veracity. It is a reflection of the billions of dollars that a few people are making from continuing to get you to pay those bills, and how much they spend every year to make sure that elected officials continue business as usual. Why do I think they're wrong? Well, if matter and antimatter meet, what happens? Also, it stands to reason that if nothing can be created or destroyed, then nothing would exist in the first place. So, there's that.

There really are two types of people in the world, Sociopaths and Empaths. Both of these are genetic variations and have physiological differences. Both of them are evolutionary reactions to the environment. The difference? One predisposes a person towards the formation of social connections as a survival mechanism while actively connecting their emotions and well-being to the emotions and well-being of those around them. The other predisposes a person towards the formation of social connections as a survival mechanism while removing their emotional connection to the emotions and well-being of those around them. The results are all around you. The next time you wonder why something isn't simple, or kind, or correct, remember that Sociopaths are all free to do as they please in the world. In fact, they are more free than you, since they do without ANY of the emotional (and thus moral) qualms that you have. The highest concentrations of Sociopaths are currently in Business (with the predominant concentration being in executives and large corporations), Politics (again the highest concentration is at the National level, not the local or regional level), Law (especially business, corporate law, international law, less often found in the less financially rewarding legal branches), and lastly Prison. Prison is not the place with the most total Sociopaths, though the concentration is high, there are more Sociopaths out free in society and citizenry than there are locked up. Without a national health care system, and thus without a national mental healthcare system, there is no really easy way to know the exact numbers. For more on this, Google Sociopath or look up the disorder in the DSM-IV.

Edward Bernays was the Devil. At least, I'm fairly certain. If you've got a different view, I'd love to hear it. Pretty sure it's a fact, Jack.

And finally, Corporations in the United States are required, BY LAW, to not consider anything before earning more money. By law, they cannot consider the environment, the health and safety of their employees, the livelihood of their employees, the needs of the community, the legal/ethical/moral implications of their actions, before they consider their profit. By law they must put making a profit before anything else, including and most especially, you, your wants and needs.

You probably already knew all of this, but your friends might not.

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