Tender Little Mushpots

by Eric Guaschino

What is Perspective?
"The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole"

"Subjective evaluation of relative significance"

"A mental view or outlook"

Which in Layman Terms, means that we could both be standing in the sun, and from my perspective, the sun could feel warm, and refreshing, but to you, it could be hot and oppressive.

Q.   So, if 2 people have different perspectives about the same thing/event/time period, which one is correct?
A.   Both are correct, since we each dwell in multiple realities concurrently, we are in turn, subject to a nearly infinite variety of perspectives, and can do little to gain true insight as to how we are actually perceived.

For instance, say you have recently ended a relationship, and like most, endured good times and bad times.. say you only remember the good times, and all the bad ones were quickly forgotten.  Does that mean it was a good relationship?  Absolutly not ! It simply means that your psyche has chosen that particular memory set as your "reasoning shield" so when people ask what went wrong you can plead innocence and victim... what about the person that only remembers the bad times?  Same fukn answer fool!  Our minds have been trained (by us) to protect us from things... usually the truth, because nothing hurts our tender little mushpots like a good dose of truth.  So, in order to protect ourselves from the harsh realities of truth, we conveniently invented.. you guessed it. The idea of  PERSPECTIVE.
Perspective tells me that I am cool as fuck, and it tells me you are somewhat of a douche bag.  Which will protect me from the possibility that you really aren't a douche bag (because I really am cool as fuck).

So my point in blabbering all of this nonsensical bullshite....is to remind you not to be taken in by the perspectives of others. Because many of us have become submissive, submissive to perspective, yours, and even fucking worse... others!

Try to understand, that no matter how you feel about a situation, most likely, you're fuckin wrong... and wrong in a huge way. We have become so professional at lying to ourselves we don't even think past our initial response most of the time anymore.  Many people know I have had some perspective issues for a few months.. my perspective tells me that you all suck for the most part.. and most of you disagree.  That is just your perspective protecting you from the truth.....
Just sorta kidding, remember this though kiddies.. when you trust in somebody else's perspective, you are granting them ultimate authority over you.  Don't be such a spineless worm.  Don't allow the words and opinions of others to have power over you.. laugh at them, tell em to fuck off, and maybe even fold their nose a little to remind them of their inferiority, and go about your business.  You want to be number 1?  You gotta get past my reality first, bitch.

"Perception is Reality"

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