Craving Nicotine

Story by Alan Lawless

Serena and I fight our way past the dozen kids in the hallway and enter. We find a spot near the wall in the main room, where the band is playing, and stand with my arms wrapped around her waist. As we listen politely we watch a couple dozen kids mosh around in circles.
          Serena opens her bag and hands me the 4Ooz beer we had stashed inside it. I take a big gulp, then hand it back to her. She takes a swig then passes it back.
The concern that Serena can feel my rather large bulge through the thin material of her oversized t-shirt is confirmed when she begins to ever so slightly rub her butt back on it. The band is loud and fast and we continue listening as we trade the beer back and forth for the remaining dozen minutes of their set.
          Before I know it the booze begins to set in and my mind gets a bit fuzzy. When the bottle is empty Serena lays it on the floor, then turns around and presses her red lips to mine. I kiss back and run my hands over her firm behind. In her skyhigh stiletto Mary Janes my Angel and I are nearly the same height.
       The band finishes their set and I’m craving nicotine, so Serena and I search for an exit. We find a door at the back of the apartment and go through it, which leads us out onto the roof.
The lights of Manhattan shimmer ahead of us in the distance and the sounds of Brooklyn- dogs barking, sirens, cars, people yelling- fill the air around us. I pull my cigarette from the pack, put it to my lips and light it.
Serena insists on kissing and biting on my neck as I smoke and I don’t mind, although it’s hard for the crotch of my pants to hold it together. The tips of my fingers find a hole in Serena’s ripped fishnets and run over the silky smooth skin of her thigh.
    My Angel’s left hand slowly moves up the inside of my thigh and she whispers, “God I want to suck your dick so bad,” in my ear as her hand rubs over my bulge. “Maybe I should do it right here?” she says teasingly. My left hand slides up between my angel’s thighs from behind, finding a very wet spot of fabric. ‘Jesus,’ I think, ‘What happened to the sweet little girl I met about a year ago? Here she is talking about an act she’d never performed up until she met me. ‘What have I done to this girl?’
    Just before I’m done with it Serena takes the cigarette from my hand between her black fingernails and puts it between her lips. She takes a drag then throws the butt to the ground.
    Since the band we’d come to see has finished, we make our way downstairs and back home.


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