False Moustaches, Moustache Candy, Moustache Bandages & More

by Kenny O'Connell

Oh dear God in his mercy doing paperwork with a lightpen has redefined bringing the office home under the blanket at 1:30 in the foookin morning which has thus defined the adage, 'live to work, work to live.' In other news I've again found mid digit hair on my lateral hands smaller fingers, which in turn reminded me of those really ugly Portuguese girls in high school that had moustaches, which now has prompted me to break into a resonating blissful version of 'Pencil Thin Moustache' .....and like Blue Bayou I'm picturing those fooking fishing boats with their sails afloat on my own personal downeaster Alexa.

♥ Editor's Special Note: Drugs are bad, Pacman. 

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